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Flock 1.1.4

I’ve finally found a reason to try out Flock, having a WordPress blog and all that.  I thought this easy one-click blog stuff was just gimmicky but it’s actually pretty sweet.   Write, publish, easy. A Mozilla-based browser engine doesn’t hurt

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Camera + Interwebz = Pwnage

Heh heh heh Stolen Mac helps nab burglary suspects

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Digital Looping

First I heard it with KT Tunstall’s live performance on NBC. As good as that was, I’m now a true believer after watching this jaw dropping piece from David Ford: Makes me want to dust off my own guitar. Nah,

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Remove .mac Icon from iSync (take two)

Already out of date. I found a much better way to achieve the same goal, and wrote an application to do it. See, I’m not a fan of online programming tutorials. You know the kind, how to write “Hello World”

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Asus Eee PC + DosBox = Pwnage

Have you seen the Asus Eee PC? No, not just “heard about”, have you actually seen it? It’s a small, elegant, inexpensive, basically a very good value Linux mini laptop. It cost €299 here in “De Peoples Republic, like“. Joining

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