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Ambit Cable Modem: Disable Remote Configuration

I recently replaced a failing cable modem — the new one is an Ambit U10C109 Cable Modem. Plenty of configuration options provided you login with the admin:cableroot default username password, not the user:user one reported on the login page. By

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Get Processor Count

From time to time you may need to know at runtime how many processors (or more accurately processor cores) are available to your program.  For example,  you might want to determine how many threads to use with multi-threaded FFTW. Darel

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Wrapper for vpnc

Here’s a small bash script wrapper for vpnc, the open-source VPN client for Cisco’s vpn concentrator. Put it in your path, and make sure you have an entry for you in your /etc/sudoers file (see comments in the script file

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Fixing Word 2000 on Crossover Office/Linux

Ok, short and sweet, this one.  On newer flavors of 64-bit Linux (Cent OS 5.2 x86_64 in my case) you may notice Word 2000 (via Crossover Office) fails to start, instead putting out lots of lines like this one: wine:

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archive :: stuff :: Part I

Some time back I was asked to set up a way to archive images from a PC (running WinXP Pro). An attached high-quality scanner was used to collect images each day. I use rsync for all sorts of situations where

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Photoshop Tutorials

I’ve commented on the fact that I’m not a big fan of code tutorials.   Following a recipe for how to get the computron to display the words “Hello, World” isn’t that educational, or interesting. Computer graphics is a whole different

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Camera + Interwebz = Pwnage

Heh heh heh Stolen Mac helps nab burglary suspects

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