iSync’s .mac Icon

[Update] Here’s a much easier way to do it[/update]

You know that useless .mac icon in iSync 2.4 (OS X 10.4)? Yeah you do, you know, the one that doesn’t do anything, but can’t be removed. Well here’s one way to ditch it (other than installing Leopard). All you need is Apple’s Interface Builder (part of their Developer Tools).

Why am I bragging about posting this now? After all OS X 10.4, or Tiger, was released in April 2005! Years ago! I’m still running Tiger and probably will for some time to come, because of work. Some of you might be in the same situation.

The usual disclaimers: make a backup of your iSync application before you start, and if you mess anything up, well that’s too bad. Not my fault and all that. It worked for me, and that’s about all I can tell ya. I know, harsh.

By the way, this is tested on the English localization of iSync, I’d be interested to hear if it works in other localizations (although I don’t see why it wouldn’t).

Ok to repeat, first make a backup of /Applications/iSync (option-drag it to your home directory, for example, and then rename the copy “iSync 2.4” or something).

Now, back to the iSync in the /Applications folder, right-click on it and select “Show Package Contents”. In the Finder window that opens, browse to Contents -> Resources -> English.lproj and double-click iSyncMain.nib to open it in Interface Builder (IB), and you should see a window just like the one to the right.

Click once in the box labelled “iSync Toolbar” and press Shift-Apple-I (Menu: Tools -> Show Inspector). In the inspector window select “Size” from the dropdown, and change the x value from 10 to -70, and the w value from 405 to 485 to compensate for this.

That’s basically the trick! The .mac icon is shifted 80 pixels to the left, and as a result will not be displayed! Not bad eh? So, save the modifications (Menu: File -> Save) and quit IB. Now launch iSync and revel in its .mac-free goodness!


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